Kunda Devi in her Devalayam

This where kundA dEvI perfoms her daily pUja.

She was taught kalpa by her guruji pujya anAkAma mAra aka padmanAbha aitAL.

I took this picture and sent it to Arjuni, my friend and co-student, and it occured to me that her other students and fans would like to see it too.

I was lucky to spend most of the day there today.

That meditation hall, pujA room, yOgA hall, sanskrit and vEdA classroom is referred to by her family as the gurukula.

But to me it is a temple and she herself is the dEvI.

To a priest at the nearby Vinayaka temple, it is even better than a temple in the purity and divinity it radiates. It is additionally blessed because her guruji, a brahmagnyaani, sanyAsi, veda, vedanta, vedanga and dharmas’Astra scholar lived in the attached room for a while. He was also among many things an expert astrologer.

My own meditation and s’avAsanam are far better when done there, than at my place.
The climax of my day was having a delicious lunch with her at her home with my co-student jyOti! For whichin her characteristic style – she thanked me.

The Indian middle class lives in a samsArik rut. In that, her home and life style are a beacon of light reminding us that we can live like divine humans and not automaton!! We do not have to live like beasts of burden.

I know that her fans are spread across the globe, so I hope this picture delights them in the way it delighted Arjuni.