abhyAsa : a surprise call

Last night, around ten pm I got a surprise call from Kunda Guruji. She had some questions about the sound card which I could not help her with.

But I did tell her about my condition and she said that it was a passing phase for any sAdhak. And the final stage will give us the stability of the mEru parvatam!

Apparently my father told my mom that I am turning towards vEdAnta, though I still look to her like the beautiful child I always look like to her. Perhaps moms see our divinity first and forever – simply refusing to recognise our mischief. Every mom is a yas’Oda!

My son told her I was getting closer to God. Sons are known for worshipping their mothers – mAtR dEvO bhava and all  that. Every son sees his mom as amba – pArvati.

Count on dads and gurus to dispassionately see the present state of your mind and its progress.

The best part is that I have merely recognised/attached that I am attached to the body-mind idea of myself. I haven’t yet crossed it or become detached or anything, but people think it is a very good step I have taken.

Some people torture themselves to get over it, but Krishna says that it is wrong to torture a dEha that He dwells in. Janaka and aSTAvakra say that to turn your back on the world or your body is to recognise its existence.

The world looks as real as anything to me at this point and does have the capacity to hurt and disturb me – this body-mind idea I have of myself.

The Is’a upaniSad and bhagavad gIta says that the real I is unhurtable and undisturbable.

What can change or hurt is the perception that I or others have of this body-mind. Another best part is that no one has the exact same perception of my body-mind!

satyA s’AradA kandula