A page on Ancient Indians about my Guruji

And here it is Kunda Guruji.

I have been planning to make a page about my Guruji for a while. But then I have been doing other things and this was on a back burner.

Recently I caught up with my hostel friends from college (they found me courtesy Ancient Indians! Another Blessing!) and one of them was in need of a guru. Then I realised that I could not – in one short speech – say everything that guruji meant to me. And everything I have written about her is scattered over a thousand posts and ideas. So just to make my own life easier, I thought I should gather up all guruji related information into one page, so that I can send over a link when I need to.

My pages and posts reflect a lot of work that is based on my yukti (logic?) and AtmAnubhUti – experience and adhyayana or study. But threading through all of this is guruji’s illumination and influence.

She is the only person I have met who has such clarity of thought and expression backed by so much expertise. And who is willing to give that much to me in time, life advice, teaching and general life support. She puts with my questions, my ranting, my arguments and generally me. And that’s not really easy!

I know you all love your own gurujis, but I love mine.

Jai Kunda Miss!

Satya Sarada Kandula