Rama upheld Dharma, Krishna defined it!

I love Rama (श्री राम) SOOOO much.

He upheld Dharma. So powerful that he could do anything, he always did what was right.

When the terrible people of Ayodhya demanded that Sita Devi सीता देवी be forsaken, due to their suspicious natures, Rama sent his darling pregnant wife to the forest and had her dropped near Valmiki‘s asrama. After he had won a huge war against Ravana रावण to get her back.

And when the people wanted him to marry again for the aswamedha yagnya, he used a golden statue of Sitamma, so that everyone knew that he as a husband considered her virtuous and that he never forsook her in his heart!

Rama respected what the elders told him was Dharma.. if Viswamitra विश्वामित्र said kill Tataki తాటకి Tataka ताटकी, he did, if Kaikeyi – कैकेयी ordered him into the forest on behalf of his father, he went. And he lived like a muni though Sita was with him.

Rama followed the rules as the society and elders defined it.

Ah! but what shall I say of my darling Krishna!

His childish drinking up all the milk in Gokul, with his friends and calves, hit at the economy of Mathura by hitting their milk supplies.

He questioned the wisdom of worshipping the rain (Indra (Hero, God, Astronomical Point, War Strategist), and had them worship a mountain (govardhan) because they were cowherds in nandagaon.

If Rama won Sita as Viryasulka and married her advised by his gurus, Krishna rescued Rukmini in response to a love letter and delighted her heart.

If Rama listened to his people and sent his own Sita to the forest for being held in captivity., Krishna rescued the 16000 captive princesses and married them at their request.

Those 16000 girls had no where to go. Remember that Amba jumped into a fire when her boyfriend rejected her after she was carried away by Bhishma for his brothers. Krishna was a saviour who cared more for actual real people in the actual real situations they were in. He decided what was right. And I like his decisions.

When the whole court was silent on the plight of Draupadi द्रौपदी अग्निपुत्री, it was Krishna who actively gave her a saree and defended her honour.

Krishna was the ultimate defender of women’s rights and that’s why even now, lots of women all over India are in love with him.

He ate in the house of dasi-putra Vidura’s house rather than in the house of king Duryodhana! He married Jambavati, the daughter of Jambavantha, a RkSa warrior-king!

Sri Rama is Bhagwaan, our protector, Sri Krishna is Yugandhara. He taught us to think for ourselves what was right and to do it. Thus he supported the marriage of his sister Subhadra to Arjuna अर्जुन, because that was what she wanted, rather than listen to his elder brother.. at the very period when his cousins the Pandavas, obeyed their elder brother even when Draupadi’s honour was at stake.

Krishna’s message of his life and the Gita must be taken together. One without the other and you won’t know what to think.

Sri Rama was perfect. He followed Dharma. Sri Krishna was perfection. He defined Dharma!

I love Rama with all my heart. But Krishna makes me melt and flow like a river. I can conceptualise a hero like Rama. I can’t even wrap my brain around the idea of Krishna.

(And oh yes, I don’t think that Draupadi’s polyandry or Krishna’s polygamy were wrong.. It is the muslims who like limited polygamy (4 wives) and are against polyandry. It is the Christians who believe in serial polygamy/polyandry (you have to divorce one to marry another).

However if you even try so much as bi-gamy or bi-andry today and if you are a Hindu, the govt. can throw you in jail. So don’t think about it. This law does not apply to muslims who are allowed to practice polygamy and tribals as well as citizens of the northern most and and north eastern states (who are allowed to practice polyandry). The restrictions on educated/urban Hindus are a consequence of the legacies of foreign rule.. left in our heads and in our laws.. like ghosts.

Follow the laws by all means, but don’t ask me to look down on my yugandhara, Sri Krishna, it won’t work! As always you are welcome to your views. These are mine!)

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