Objects of Hearing (Sense-Objects) : Devi Bhagavatham (and Bhagavad Gita))

What is a sense-object? (Bhagavd Gita)

When one of your senses interacts with environment, you mind manufactures a sense-object out of it.

A sense object is an interesting concept. It is a sensation or a perception that exists when your senses interact with your environment. Your sensations, perceptions, and interpretations are bound or limited by your sensory organs, your intellect, and your previous learning. Physical objects which you sense are not even an accurate representation of the material, changing world around you — let alone of the Unchanging, Absolute reality that they cannot even attempt to perceive.

Iswara enjoys all sense objects and rules over all senses and the mind. – Purushottama Yoga of Bhagavad Gita.

A steady man withdraws his senses from the sense objects (matter), as a turtle into its shell. The sense objects fall off from such a withdrawn person but not the liking for them. Even that liking for them falls off when he realizes that supreme being. – Sankya Yoga of Bhagavad Gita.

He who is detached from the sense objects, devoid of the idea of ownership and is free from egoism attains peace. This is the Brahmi State. One who attains this is not deluded and if he remains in this state at death he attains Brahma Nirvanam. – Sankya Yoga of Bhagavad Gita.

The knowers of Truth, know that they are not doing anything even as they sleep, think, see or hear. They know that senses stay in the sense objects. – Sannyasa Yoga of Bhagavad Gita.

Quoted From : Bhagavad Gita (Complete) – Satya Bhashyam

How can the objects of hearing be classified ? (Devi Bhagavatham)

Sâttvik : (Sat means reality, since reality is God, by extension, sAtvik means good, holy or true. – Satya )

The Vedas and other S’âstras are Sâttvik. Devi Bhagavatham

Of these that which gives Moksha is the best (like Bhagavad Gita – Satya), that which gives heaven is next best  and that which gives wordly benefits is the next best. (Devi Bhagavatham)

Râjasik : (rajas is light and by extension, energetic activities are rAjasik – Satya)

Literature Sahitya is  Râjasik. Devi Bhagavatham

That which encourages married life is the best (like old Hindi movies – Satya), that which encourages paid services is bad (like some modern Hindi movies – Satya) and that which incites someone to take interest in another man’s wife is the worst (like KANK? – Satya). (Devi Bhagavatham)

In our present context, sahityam which helps people better the society is good rajasik and literature that makes people hopeless and become apathetic about society would be the lowest of rajasik. There are some exceedingly good educational programs on the radio, which aim to eliminating ignorance and prejudice and at enlightening the masses. This would be good rajasik. – Satya

Tâmasik : (tamas is darkness and by extension immoral  activities and ignorance are tAmasik  – Satya).

War stories  and finding fault with others is Tâmasik. Devi Bhagavatham

That which describes a fight with the enemies is best (eg Indra‘s fight with Vritra, or Kargil or Chipko movement – Satya), the fight with the enemies out of hatred, ill-feeling, (Kuruskshetra War (Devi Bhagavatham), Saas Bahu fights on TV serials – Satya) is described as next   and mindless fighting is the worst. (too many examples? WWF? – Satya) Devi Bhagavatham

Hearing the Puranas is good because sins (pApani) are destroyed, intellect is increased and punyam is acquired. Puranas are satvik objects of hearing. Devi Bhagavatham

Yesterday, childrens’ rights activists on  telugu TV channels were protesting against the exploitation of small children in so called reality talent shows. I have always hated and avoided those shows. They are totally tamasik. Little children are trained to enact roles beyond their age, sensibilities and understanding and they have an “eliminate the last” instead of “reward the first policy”. The parents themselves are unaware of the harm caused to the minds of their children and fight to  equate it with providing a good school and college education to their children. Whether it is roadies or college competitions where people, who want to showcase their talent are humiliated, by the judges and conductors of the show, under the label of “stress testing”.. all this is tamasik too… – Satya

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