Movie: Anand Math: Vande Mataram

The first movie clip is from Anand Math. You hear the beautiful sanskrit song Vande Mataram – “I bow to my mother”.

It shows the emotion with with which ordinary young Indians of that period left their homes and lives, for our Mother,  so that we their descendants could live free. I cannot watch it without crying buckets of tears of gratitude and wondering whether we have done enough to justify their sacrifice for us.

The second movie clip shows a teacher, somewhat like my teachers, who taught us students ‘is miTTI se tilak karo ye dhartI hai balidaan ki”. Our land is a punyabhhomi, and the earth here, should be used as a tilak, since this is a land of self-sacrifice, of martyrs who gave their lives to free us. I used to religiously do this especially when back from a foreign trip. Here the Vande Mataram is chanted in the happy, loving way of a grateful child.

And there finally, is the “Bande Mataram’ doordarshan song aired at 5.30 am every morning which my baby and my grandmother (spanning 4 generations) would watch together religiously and joyously everyday.