Astro : A few good words in English and Sanskrit.

peri-gee : Near the Earth (Geo). The gee sounds often relate to the Earth. This is the point at which any graha is nearest the earth.

apo-gee : The furthest point from the Earth.

peri-helion : Helios is the Sun. So this is the point in the planet’s orbit that is nearest the Sun.

ap-helion : The point in the orbit that is furthest from the Sun.

uccha : High. A graha is considered to be exalted  or in exaltation when it is High.
neeca : Low. A graha is considered debiltated when it is at it’s low point.

śeeghra : fast

śīghra-uccha : śīghröccha – fast and high

manda-uccha : mandöccha – slow and high

If you look at the diagram above, you can see that when the Sun is high, Saturn is low and Vice-Versa.

There is a story that the Sun and Saturn maintain a distance from each other. This could be a reason why.