Words : vyartha

vi + artha gives us vyartha.

In this case vi is used to mean without.

vyartha is waste – empty of meaning or purpose.

Contrast this with sva artha – svārtha which is advantageous to the individual,

para + artha parārtha  which serves the purpose of others and

paramārtha which is the divine purpose or meaning.

Now try pra + artha = prārtha… towards purpose.

We use the word prārthana to mean prayer, it is when we seek help towards an artha.

(hindi people say matlabi – one with a hidden meaning/agenda to indicate a person who talks to you because he wants something.)

kŕtārtha is one who has achieved his purpose. kŕta + artha.

apa artha is apārtha the wrong meaning as when something is misunderstood.

Try different prefixes and see what words you can make.

…..  and so on.