pOlcukO : Recognize!

I was pointing a beehive out to my mom. She was looking at it, not seeing it.

Finally I said, you are looking at it, recognise it. It took her a while and suddenly she said, “There it is!”.

Bird, beehive or brahman. When you are looking at it and not seeing it, the one who sees it, the seer, can point it out to you, and say “Recognize it! Identify it!”, it’s that blue patch or brown semi-circle, or that eternal, pure thing that you call your Self.”

We are looking at the kSara, akSara and uttama puruSAs with our senses and without. We see without perceiving. We recognise the beehive as a branch or a bird as something else.

That’s why Adi s’ankara and others say “tam viddhi” – Know that.
As we are taught colours and tastes by experience and association as children. “That is red!”

Similarly the seers teach us, “That is the brahman,  That is the truth”. We need to make an effort to recognise It. And when they point to something we recognise and say that’s the brahman, then we must learn the fact, as we learned the colours.

Now read the post/page I’ve written previously on tat tvam asi – vAkya vRtti. on what is tat, what is tvam and what asi means.