Words : sakrama : orderly, akrama not in order

krama in saMskRta means order.

sa-krama means with order.
sa is a prefix that means ‘with’ generally.

sakrama means that the thing has been done properly.

a is a prefix that usually negates the word. na krama or not order becomes a-krama.

akrama means ‘not in order’. In telugu akrama means injustice, criminal, illegal.

vi is a prefix the enhances the meaning of a word.
vi-krama is greater than the order.

vikrama means valour in sanskrit as well as telugu, kannaDa and hindi. Our favourite king is vikramAditya, the Sun among the valourous.

pari-krama means circumambulation.

sam prefix means good.
So sam-krama should mean good order. Because m is followed by k, it is replaced by M, the anunAsika of the kavarga.

So we have saMkrama. (It sounds like sankrama).

In astronomy, makara saMkramaNam means the time where the Sun enters the makara rAs’i. ie when the sun passes in front of the imaginary line that marks the beginning of the Indian Capricorn zodiac sign. It is a big harvest festival and is called sankrAnti in kannaDa and telugu.

Prefixes are called upasargas. They can change the root meaning a little, a lot, or leave it unchanged.

This picture is of belakeri beach in karNAtaka.