A pure manas and a contaminated buddhi.

The manas has become purified through sAdhana. I weep for the problems of others.

The manas is in contact with the world through senses.

Though I know that people lie, out of delusion or vested interests I still believe the spoken word. The spoken word of others fills my buddhi, the part of my mind that is a storehouse of all learned things. The spoken words of others are conflicting. The spoken word of others is misleading. The spoken words of the past and present fill my mind. Somewhere in these words is a word worth heeding. Life is too short to try everything the others urge/compel you to try.

This manas has long been dominated by buddhi. And it has long been rebellious.

The manas is in final control of the karmEndriyAs. It is the manas which will finally prevail in all critical junctures. The buddhi prevails in the short term.

It is honesty and truth that will cleanse the manas and buddhi. It is love, compassion and forgiveness that will cleanse the manas and buddhi.

Trust pollutes the buddhi by accepting unverified statements as truth.